“…a robust and irresistible tale brimming with historical accuracy.…[T]he dialogue, plot, and descriptive language make this a compulsive page-turner.” BlueInk Starred Review  - Read Full Review!

"The well-meaning but flawed Sir Balian is a great central figure--a bit like William Shakespeare's portrayal of the young Prince Hal..." Kirkos Reviews - Read Full Review!

“…you will quite literally “see” the Crusades come alive…. From popes to monarchs to a woman artist, the cast is appealing and keeps readers riveted to the story at all times.” 
Feathered Quill Review - Read Full Review !

"Helena P. Schrader has a unique gift for setting, transporting readers through landscapes and locales that are filled with history, creating backstories and subplots that enrich the narrative with an enduring sense of suspense." Devine Zape for Readers Favorites

 "A romantic and intricate [work of] historical fiction that will entrance - sometimes enrage - but always enlighten readers. Welcome to the 13th century where things aren't really as different as you may imagine." -
Chanticleer Reviews

“… a must-read for all lovers of history. It is not only revealing but also entrancing.”
Edith Wairimu for Readers Favorites

 “…a delightful and enlightening read for every fan of historical novels.”
Online Book Club

"This book is redolent with the smoke and incense of the High Middle Ages, and its characters think like medieval knights and merchants yet speak in language that is contemporary." Clarion Reviews


Silver (2nd Place) in the Feathered Quill Book Awards 2019.  Feathered Quill Book Awards Judges' Comments:

  • I remember reading this for review.  I was blown away then and still am. 
  • The research that went into this book was amazing.
  • The tale was clear, easy to understand and told in a way that brought the reader back to the 6th Crusade.
  • Content/plot receives a perfect score 50 out of 50
BRAG Medallion Honoree
Semi-Finalist for the Chaucer Awards 2018

Emperor Frederick II, called "enlightened" by historians yet decried as a despot by contemporaries, unleashes a civil war that tears the Holy Land apart. The heir to an intimidating legacy, a woman artist, and a boy king are caught up in the game of emperors and popes. Set against the backdrop of the Sixth Crusade, Rebels against Tyranny takes you from the harems of Sicily to the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, from the palaces of privilege to the dungeons of despair. This is a timeless tale of youthful audacity taking on tyranny―but sometimes courage is not enough....       BUY NOW!